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About GoCoast

What started with the need for chinese food, soon grew into a passion to combine all that the Hibiscus Coast has to offer in one place, without the need for multiple apps, incorrect Google listings, or outdated menu's from the second drawer of the kitchen.
Find, share and support businesses within our community, get the information you need, relevant to you, in one easy to use place with GoCoast, where the coast comes together.

Local business owner? Here’s how it works – for you.


Find your listing, or sign up and start fresh


Hit the claim listing button and make it your own!


Tweak your listing, add details photos and keywords


You're set to go! Let's get people through the door!

But we’re already on Google and Facebook, why would we need this?

Most of our members are already on Google, Facebook, Zomato, and all the usuals, so why join another?

Rank is why… when potential customers are searching for a business like yours, whether it’s pasta or Pilates – they’re only shown what is most relevant to them – not what’s closest.

The internet is a bidding war for attention and we won’t have a bar of it. Locals are your bread and butter, for most it’s local support that helps them get through the winter, we’ve cut out the clutter, and we want to bring everyone in town to one place, our place.


Location hours may vary with Covid Level Changes, and they may not display correctly on this site. Please plan ahead. Say Safe